Exactly Why and How Vaseline (Or Off-Brand Petroleum Jelly) Will Change Your Life

Vaseline will change your life. Period. My friends know I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle and a tub of vaseline. They’re my must-haves and I my eyes get a little wider when I don’t have they nearby. 

People have already teased me about my love for Vaseline, especially since I’m a lover of all things natural. I love natural hair care products, natural looks, natural foods, and natural conversations. But, I cannot and will not give up my first love: Vaseline. Here’s a look at exactly why and how Vaseline (or off-brand petroleum jelly) will change your life. 

Bye Bye Chapped Lips 

Vaseline is the perfect chapstick. Can’t no lip gloss have my lips looking as glossy, plump, and ripe as Vaseline. All you need is to swipe on a thin layer of gloss. Then, you’re good to go. For hours. Just. Like. That. 

Toodleloo Crusty Heels 

I’ll be the first person to admit that I have some crusty heels. Sometimes, I look down at my feet and see a sea of white, an alarming experience when your skin is brown. I’ve always had extremely dry feet. But, thanks to Vaseline, nobody suspects a thing. Coat your entire foot and heels in medium to thick layer of Vaseline. Then, put a  pair of clean, dry socks on to soak up the excess product and allow it to seep in. Your pals will think you came straight from a pedicure at the local nail shop. Trust me. 

Hello Soft Elbows 

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself looking bomb in the mirror, only to notice a large white spot from ash on your elbows? With Vaseline, this will be an experience of the past. Vaseline is a great elbow moisturizer. Just rub a thin layer on your elbow and watch your ash melt away. 

 Goodbye pool ash 

If you’re a woman of color, you may have experienced getting into a pool and coming out looking like you just went body painting with white paint. I know the feeling. I put a thin layer of Vaseline on before submerging myself in any water. Vaseline acts as a barrier between your skin and the water, causing the droplets to slide off of your skin without stripping the moisture out of it. You’ll come out of the water looking just as moist as you did when you slid in. 

Glazed Donut Highlight 

Putting very thin layer of Vaseline on your cheekbones will having you looking like a glazed donut. In the best way. Vaseline’s sheen makes it a great, inexpensive highlight. As long as you use only a small amount and apply it at the top of your cheekbones as you would a normal highlighter, you’ll see the beautiful, shimmery yet natural effect it creates. 

If you’re a fellow Vaseline lover, leave a comment with your favorite Vaseline hack. If this article has made you consider getting a tub for yourself, do it! #teamVasVas

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